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12 of the Best Trailing Plants For Your Collection

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Got a spare spot on a bookshelf or a lone hook from the ceiling? Hanging and trailing plants are an amazing and easy way to bring life and shape into your home and here are 12 of the best to add to your own collection.

1. Pothos / Devils Ivy

Pothos plants are one of the most well-known hanging plants - they are very easy to care for, can handle low light environments, and come in a variety of different colours and patterns. Large hanging baskets make a terrific feature!

2. Ric Rac Cactus

The Ric Rac Cactus - also known as a fishbone cactus or a zigzag cactus - is one of my favourites! Not super common and pretty slow growing, these plants need very bright light to stay happy, but only minimal watering. Keep watch for scale as these plants have a tendency to attract this pest!

3. Hoya Plants

Hoya or “wax” plants are one of the most classic houseplants - ask your Nan or Mum and they’ll probably tell you about the Hoyas they had in their first flat! The thick, waxy leaves require little attention, just give them a very bright spot - they’re not apposed to a little bit of direct sun either!

4. String of Turtles

There is a whole bunch of “String Of” plants to collect; Hearts, Dolphins, Beans, Bananas, Lanterns, Pearls… But my favourite is the String of Turtles with unique ‘turtle shell’ markings on its round leaves which is what gives it its name. These semi-succulent plants have thicker leaves than other houseplants which means it doesn’t need a lot of water but will require a bright location.

5. Curly Sue

I love how low maintenance a Curly Sue plant is—just a bit of water every once in a while, and its long curly stems grow wild! Curly Sue is part of the Rainforest Cactus family so will be happy in the shade or in part sun. Keep your eyes peeled for little red fruit-like flowers as it blooms every so often.

6. Burro’s Tail Succulent Plants

Burro’s tail is another gorgeous trailing succulent. The chunky leaves cascade down thick succulent stems however these ‘tails’ are very fragile so avoid moving it regularly! It also needs a lot of light, so reserve a sunny window for this one.

7. Rhipsalis Trailing Cactus Plants

There are many different rhipsalis varieties, some with flat leaves, some with thin round leaves, and they all have some sort of branching stems that look lovely in hanging planters.

8. Philodendron Cortadum

These philodendrons are often confused with a pothos plant and while they do have similar leaf shapes, sizes, growing patterns and variegations, they are totally different plants! Philodendrons have a more pronounced heart-shape leaf. I love the neon yellow coloured variety best!

9. Philodendron Micans

Another very popular type of Philodendron is the stunning Mican variety. Micans are very similar to the Cortadum except the leaves have a gorgeous green velvet texture. The undersides of the leaves are an almost purple-ish colour.

10. Spider Plants

Spider plants are another houseplant staple. Easy, no fuss and they can tolerate anything from medium light to full sun. Their long curly leaves look great in hanging baskets, but my favourite part is when they shoot out long stems which waterfall down to baby spider plants!

11. Tricolour Tradescantia Zebrina Plants

Also known as a Wandering Jew, the gorgeous purple, green and silver colours seem almost metallic in the sun! These plants are very easy to care for and propagate, a simple chop-and-prop of any branch will often result in a new plant!

12. Lipstick Plants

And finally, last on the list are lipstick plants! Lipstick plants have a couple of different varieties and named after their lipstick-shaped flowers that bloom regularly. They are hardy and busy as long as they’re in a well-lit location and watered regularly.

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