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4 Tips for Styling Your Houseplants

Houseplants are one of the best ways bring a touch of colour, life and nature into your home. However, it can be challenging to know which plants to pick, and how to style your plants to suit your decor. Here are our top 4 tips on how to choose and match your home.

Tip 1: Environment

Before you buy any indoor plants, it is crucial to understand the environmental conditions of the space. A plant can struggle a lot if your environment is not suitable for it, even if it is a relatively ‘easy’ plant to care for. What type of natural light does your room have? Is there air-conditioning? Will the sunlight touch the plant?

So after you have scoped your environment, make sure you learn information about the plant that you’re hoping to purchase. What conditions does it thrive best in? Is your space/environment suitable for this plant? If not, are you willing and able to provide such conditions for the plant? (i.e. changing your routine; adding a humidifier; investing in grow lights) Sometimes it can be best to shift your buying habits, ie if you have a shelf or corner where you want to put a plant, try to purchase one that is suited for that space. Try to avoid buying a plant simply because it is pretty and trying to force it to like that space. Just like us, plants thrive in an environment they respond well to!

Tip 2: Colour

When choosing plants for your home, consider the colour scheme of your decor. If your walls are painted in neutral tones such as white or beige, you can choose plants with bold colours, such as a Pink Princess Philodendron or a Red Croton. If your walls are painted in darker shades, you can opt for plants with lighter foliage, such as a Neon Alocasia.

Tip 3: Shape & Texture

The shape of a plant can have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of a room. Tall plants such as Fiddle Leaf Figs can add height to a room and make it feel more spacious. Trailing plants, such as Pothos are perfect for bookshelves. The planters you choose can also have an impact on the overall aesthetic of a room. For example, if your decor is minimalist, choose sleek, modern planters made of concrete or glass, and opt for neutral tones. If your decor is more bohemian, planters made of wicker or rattan can also help add texture to your space.

Tip 3: Mix & Match

Mixing plants of different sizes can add depth and interest to a room. For example, you can place a tall plant next to a low-lying plant to create a visual contrast. You can also group plants of similar sizes together to create a cohesive display. Odd numbers work best for clusters, aim for groups of 3 or 5.

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