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our approach

We adopt the less is more philosophy . We believe in the principles of conscious shopping,  and shopping locally, an approach to invest in quality pieces that have a better impact on our planet. 


A lot of our plants are sourced from sustainable wholesale nurseries, but majority are grown in my own backyard! I collect rainwater, compost all kitchen waste, and recycle both pots and water.  

In our store, nothing is wasted. We compost all kitchen material, recycle bottles and boxes, use many ingredients for our botanical dyes, encourage keep cups and limit single use packaging. You'll also find body scrubs, candles, fertilisers and compost mixes for sale in store which use our coffee grinds!

Climate change is perhaps the most significant threat our world is facing and it's up to all of us to make impactful changes!


All our pieces are handmade from natural and organic fibres: silk, linen, bamboo and cotton. 

The silk we use is called habotai silk - this means that the thread from the worms' cocoon is broken, allowing the moth inside to be free, rather than boiling the cocoon. Habotai silk joins together the fragments of raw silk thread and is still as soft, luxurious and strong (while causing less harm to the animals!)  

Each garment is dyed with a range of natural materials such as fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers and spices, many of which are sourced locally. They are just as unique as you or I - no two pieces will ever be the same.

Due to the nature of botanical pigments, there may be variations, slight colour shifts, and unique character marks. This is what makes them completely one of a kind, just like you. 

All our pieces are designed, sewed and dyed by hand right here in Brisbane, Australia. 



When I tell people I started my own business they often don’t realise that I am actually the one at the register! But yes, almost every plant, pot, scarf, robe or coffee is made, grown, hand painted or hand dyed by me. This means potting, composting, grinding, frothing, cutting, sewing, dyeing, drying, steaming, packaging... Which is why I am always so honoured and grateful for every purchase you make.

I have found a lot of great metaphors for my work - plants are intuitive, resilient, and thrive in a place they enjoy. There's a sense of peace that can be found in a space full of leaves.

 When I dye silk, it always amazes me to watch nature express itself in new ways. Blush pinks from avocado, terracotta orange from rosemary... and silk itself is representative of the strength and softness that exists in all women. 

In the Perennial Pieces, I find that these metaphors speak loudest. Taking a bouquet of momentary flowers and helping them to last forever, watching a flower transition into an equally beautiful second life on silk. 

Thank you for supporting my small business, today and everyday.

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