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Calathea Musaica

This elusive Calathea has amazing leaf patterns resembling tiny mosaics. 

Calathea Musaica

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    • Light: Filtered light is perfect - no direct sunlight.
    • Water: Use a spray bottle a few times a week to keep the soil moist, then a nice big drink once a week. Don't let the plant sit in water - this is the fastest way to root-rot town!
    • Temperature: The warmer the better, originating in rainforests they love humid temperatures.
    • Soil: A rich, well-drained potting mix is best. Lift your plastic pot from the outer pot once a week to keep an eye on the bottom tray - make sure it's not sitting in water!
    • Did you know: The leaves of a Calathea change angles throughout the day depending on the light source. Don't be startled if you catch it moving, or hear a slight rustle!
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