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8 Plants to Propagate in Water

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Anytime I'm stuck inside I wish we had more houseplants to keep me company... despite every surface already being covered!

So, whether it's your budget or lack of space holding you back from buying more plants, here is a list of the easiest plants that only require a cutting and some water to make new start.

Pothos/Devil's Ivy

Ah, the original propagation plant. This is perfect to get started on if you have no experience or are a true brown thumb. The cutting should be about 10cm long or so and there needs to be nodules on your cutting - these need to sit under the water in the jar or vase since this is where the roots will grow from.

Spider Plants

The long tendrils of this plant naturally creates lots of babies which you can easily snip and make cuttings. They only need to be in water for a week or two in order to grow roots.


Most succulents are quite easy to start with in water. The cuttings just need to be dry for a bit and for the stem to callus over before being placed into water. Or, if you want to try without water, just take your cutting or leaf and lay it on some soil for a few weeks and watch the new baby succulent and roots start to grow!

ZZ Plants

One of the most hardiest plants, these guys will sprout roots if you leave them in water with enough light. Take a cutting about 20-30cm long and strip the bottom leaves about halfway down. Stand upright in a tall vase or bottle and pop it on a windowsill and watch your little ZZ roots grow!


Similar to the Pothos, you'll just need to make sure your cutting has a little node for the root to start growing from. Sometimes, the cutting won't take. You'll know whether it's been a success or not after a week - the nodes with either start to grow little clear roots (yay!) or turn black and rot (boo).

Monstera Adansonii

Another cutting needing nodes to get started, once your Monstera gets going, it will start to grow long, clear roots in the water and even sprout new leaves!


Any type of Philodendronn - Pink Princess, Prince of Orange, Silver Sword - will grow in water as long as your cutting has... you guessed it... little nodes!

Pilea Peperomioides

Your Pilea will eventually shoot out little pups from the mother plant - carefully dig up these babies with as much root as possible and pop them into a small jar or vase of water. Once little clear roots sprout, it's time to plant!

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