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Burgundy Ficus Fig

The "rubber tree" ficus elastica is a timeless indoor plant. The thick, glossy leaves range from burgundy red to almost black, and new growth is a vibrant crimson.



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Burgundy Ficus Fig

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    • Light: Bright filtered light, ideally next to a window to avoid the plant stretching to find more light - but no direct sunlight.
    • Water: Once a week (avoid using chilled water) and mist in between watering to keep the soil moist.
    • Temperature: The more humid the better - keep away from air conditioning vents and cold windows in the winter.
    • Soil: A rich, well-drained potting mix is best. 
    • Note: Use a damp soft cloth to wipe leaves and keep them shiny. Also avoid moving your plant around unnecessarily as sudden changes of light and temperature can affect your plant
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