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Trouble-Shooting Tuesday: Alocasia

Is your Alocasia looking a little unhappy? Here's a few tips and tricks to help troubleshoot your big-leaf beauty:

💦 Water: Is the plant dripping water on the ground overnight? This is a good sign that it has enough water and is excreting excess. Also just dig your finger into the soil up to your knuckle and see if it’s waterlogged or too dry. Always check before you water, and only water when the soil is starting to become dry!

💨 Humidity: Brown spots and brown edges can also be caused by insufficient humidity. Try misting around the plant after you water to increase humidity or using a pebble tray under the pot.

🐜 Pests: Look for pests such as aphids, mealybugs and spider mites. Most like to congregate at the base of the plant where the stems start to seperate. During summer, alocasias are extremely susceptible to a spider mites infestation. Be diligent in checking every day and spray with pesticide at the first sight of any webs, white spots or little black bugs. We use our own mix which you can buy in store or online - it will also help keep your leaves nice and shiny!

❄️ Cold Weather: Alternatively, the plant may just be dormant due to the cold. Large size Alocasias don’t like to have more than 3-4 leaves during winter as they stop taking in as much nutrients from the sun. Smaller Alocasia can even die back completely with no leaves. Cut back any yellow leaves and careful not to overwater the soil during this time - new growth will come in Spring (yes, even those who have "died" completely may come back to life in the warmer months so don't throw away the soil and pot!)

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