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How to get more pink leaves from your Philodendron Pink Princess

If you've been in store, you would have noticed our beautiful big Pink Princesses by the door. A few years ago, despite seeing so many Instagram Princesses with huge blocks of pink, or even (gasp) a full pink leaf online, I was convinced they didn’t exist in real life.

But this baby has proven me wrong. They do exist! And here are my tips on how to get more pink from your Princess.

💡 Light: This baby gets the most amazing bright light - never any direct sun, but exceptionally bright sunlight reflects into the store. My neighbour parks his ute outside and the sun beams straight at her. She’s also against a white wall so the light reflects around all her leaves. She has also grown twice as much as her twin sister which is at my house, so that shows how light is truely the most important part.

👵🏼 Age: She’s well established and climbing on a large coconut totem pole. This helps her leaves stay nice and big, and allows all the leaves to get as much light as possible.

💦 Water: I water her once a week and occasionally mist when the days are hot and dry.

🧼 Clean: To make sure she can photosynthesise as much as possible, I wipe the leaves down once a week. I use my own mixture of white oil, neem oil and other ingredients - you can buy this mix in store!

👩🏼‍🎤Pink Stem: The telltale sign of whether your Princess is going to produce pink leaves is a stripe on the stem. If you can clearly see a stripe, pink will come. This is particularly important if you’re buying a new plant - look for the stripe! If yours doesn’t have one, that’s okay! It can develop with the right care. I’ve included a pic of the stem in this set to show you what it looks like.

✂️ Chop: I have heard that chopping your Princess encourages more pink, but I have not chopped this one and she keeps producing more and more pink so I’ll experiment on another plant and let you know!

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